Essay on Environmental Issue

This essay is meant to present the description of an article, which describes an existing environmental problem. When I received this assignment, my first thought was to write about the huge troubles like the global warming and nuclear power alternatives. But then I realized that as a person living on this planet I have to write something about the stuff I personally can do to help the environment of Earth. That is why I find so interesting the article “Wal-Mart to Buy More Local Produce” written by Stephanie Clifford.

There are ways that people may lessen the size of own food footprint and one of the main retailers in the country Wal-Mart is now concentrating on “sustainable agriculture among the suppliers as it attempts to lessen its overall environmental influence” (Clifford, 2010). I believe that this program is an amazing step forward as many different individuals of all kinds of income degree like to purchase products at Wal-Mart. According to Stephanie Clifford, the main aim of this program is to put more nearby harvested products in company’s stores in the USA, invest in the infrastructure for small farmers, mainly in the growing markets, and start to estimate how competently large suppliers get the produce into stores (Clifford, 2010).

Some of the modifications being made by Wal-Mart comprise: the company amplified the dependence on renewable energy and lessened packaging waste among the suppliers. It also promised to sell one billion dollars of food from medium and small farmers. The company also made a decision to provide the training for farmers on how to select crops, which are in demand and on the proper usage of pesticides and water. Wal-Mart planned to lessen food waste in emerging-market shops by fifteen percent and in other supermarkets by ten percent.

This is a nice and really optimistic article. Usually the cheapest food is the unhealthiest and the most fattening one. Thus, it is great that now we can eat healthy food without damaging the environment and it does not cost a lot. Thanks to Wal-Mart we have those great things combined.

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