Essay on Environmental Planning

Today, the development of the contemporary society raises the problem of the effective environment protection because human activities lead to the environment pollution and the global climate change. The contemporary society tends to consumerism that raises the problem of the elaboration of right, environment-friendly consumer behavior trends. The earth-sustainable development and consumer behavior become keys to the environment protection. At the same time, the sustainable consumerist habits are slowly to develop in consumers, who are accustomed to consume thoughtlessly. Nevertheless, many contemporary consumers focus on environment-friendly products, especially when they purchase food. In actuality, diverse consumer groups focus on earth-sustainable products, which though correlate to certain risk management personality type because their behavior is determined by the specific risk management personality type of consumers. However, the most important trend in the consumer behavior today is the clear shift to earth-sustainable development and consumption, although consumption should become less destructive for the environment and the development of society.


In this regard, it is possible to distinguish individualists risk management personality type which is characterized by the concern of individuals with their personal interests and behavior, regardless of social trends and norms. This risk management personality types confronts to the new green mainstream, overwhelmed and unconcerned consumers. In fact, new green mainstream are consumers, who are deeply concerned with environmental issues and they are interested in buying earth-sustainable products but they do not know much about earth sustainable products and development. New green mainstream focuses on the environment-friendly and sustainable products to make their individual contribution in the environment protection. They do not care about actions of other individuals but they just do what they believe to be right. Hence, they choose the sustainable lifestyle but this is their personal choice which does not relate to the choice of other people.

Overwhelmed are consumers, who are interested and highly concerned with sustainable development of the society and try to do their best to preserve the nature and to conduct earth-sustainable lifestyle. At the same time, these consumers are individualist in their nature because they focus on their personal contribution to the sustainable development. At the same time, they like to engage other people into environment-friendly habits and models of behavior contributing to the sustainable development of the entire society. In this regard, overwhelmed consumers are quite different from the traditional individualist values. Overwhelmed consumers attempt to expand their beliefs and habits and to involve other people that make their behavior oriented on the entire society that contrasts to traditional individualist risk management personality type.

Unconcerned are consumers, who do not care of environmental issues and stay aside of the sustainable development. Unconcerned consumers match the risk management personality type perfectly because unconcerned consumers do not care about others. Instead, they focus entirely on their personal behavior and consumerist trends. As a result, they may consume products which are environment-friendly or not, while the public opinion or consumerist behavior of other people does not matter for them. In fact, unconcerned consumers are highly individualistic by their nature.

Another risk management personality type consists of hierarchists, who tend to the strict subordination and division of the society into certain groups, where each member performs his or her specific functions and role. Hierarchists risk management personality type may be compared to young recyclers. Young recyclers are concerned with environmental issues but cannot afford sustainable lifestyle because of their socioeconomic standing and the lack of financial and other resources to focus on sustainability solely. In fact, young recyclers comprise the definite, specific group in the contemporary society which has its age and socioeconomic boundaries. To put it more precisely, young recyclers hold their own place in the social hierarchy that mirrors their hierarchical risk management personality type. Young recyclers are concerned with environmental issues, but unlike other social groups, they cannot lead the sustainable lifestyle because of their socioeconomic position. Therefore, they are bound to their socioeconomic standing and environmental issues, being important for them, cannot be changed by them.

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