Essay on First World War

1.  Discuss the causes of the First World War, why and how the U.S. got into the war, the general course of the war, and the war’s impact on the U.S. at home and on U.S. foreign policy.

The First World War was the result of the clash of interests of Germany and its allies, which were called the Central powers, and Great Britain, France and their allies. These countries were leading powers in the world by that time and they wanted the further territorial expansion to carry on the policy of imperialism, which forced them to expand their territory to get access to new markets and to exploit colonies. The US remained uninvolved in the war until 1917, when several American merchant ships were attacked by German submarines. After that attack, the US declared war on Germany and its allies. The US sent its troops to Europe and Africa and helped to defeat the enemy. The arrival of American troops and the supply of weapons and equipment and other goods from the US gave allies a strategic advantage over Germany and its allies, which were exhausted after three years of the war on two fronts. As a result, by 1918 Germany and its allies lost the war. The US invested substantial funds into the military industry and mobilized many Americans to the US army that contributed to the militarization of the US and consistent enhancement of its army and military industry. The US foreign policy became more aggressive and imperialist, as the US became one of the leading powers in the world.

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