Essay on Florida Health Department

Florida Health Department is public healthcare institution whose responsibilities include proving the most of the public health services in Florida. Florida Health Department provides health care services based on ”˜the partnership between the state, district offices, and the counties.’ (Florida Health Department, n.a.)

In addition, it has to be noted the majority of services of this health care institution are provided at no charge or a small fee (depending on the patients’ income).  In accordance to the official information provided by Florida Health Department, mission of this organization is the protection and also the promotion of health of the local residents of Florida as well as the visitors. This is possible through the cooperation at the state, community levels and also based on the agreements with counties.

Florida Health Department functional fields include Disease Control, Primary Care and Personal Health Services, Other Services.

In terms of health protection, it needs to be mentioned that the Florida Health Departmenta as the public health organization responsible for public;’ health protection does it ”˜through the detection, control, and eradication of transmitted diseases.'(Florida Health Department, n.a.) As for prevention and primary case, this organization provides care to the local residents and visitors who for certain reasons (such as lack of income) aren’t able to obtain case otherwise. Why is it provided for free or at symbolic cost? It aims to benefit each patient and thus make improvements into the collective public health even reduce the spread of various diseases. (Florida Health Department, n.a.)

The health care institution also presents the statistical analysis about the common health problems in Florida online through its website.

As for the values of Florida Health Department, the following were defined:  excellence, commitment to service, accountability, empowerment, Integrity, respect, and teamwork. (Florida Health Department, n.a.)

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