Еssay on Gay Marriage

As a matter of fact though skeptics have a right to deny, the majority believes that the supposition: “Marriages are made in heaven” is quite veritable. It is quite common to develop the idea or apply to it in some ironical situations. For instance, John Lyly added that marriages are not only made in heaven but also consummated on Earth. As gay marriage has always been a controversial point, the legalization of such an alliance was ardently supported as well as categorically objected. Some still remain quite indifferent to the issue and hardly pay attention to it, considering it to be no business of theirs.

In the United States, for instance, the movement opening civil marriage for same-sex couples made a step forward in 1993, thought the majority of states passed their marriage protection acts, some were still inclined to keep up the idea. In 2001 the Netherlands became “the first swallow” opening civil marriage to same-sex couples. Generally, different countries of the world have their own attitude towards gay marriage. Americans are more accepting towards homosexuality over the decades, while they are still less tolerant to gay marriages in comparison with such advanced democracies as the countries of Europe and North America. Homosexual tolerance is more widespread in the western European countries such as Britain, France, Germany, as well as Canada, Czech and Slovak Republics. While African countries, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Turkey, where Muslim religion dominates, are not ready to accept it. The same happens in India, Vietnam and South Korea.

All surveys show the same pattern indicating that the public is much more tolerant to gay marriage than it used to be twenty years ago.

According to a recent survey, about sixty per cent of Americans oppose legalizing gay marriage and about thirty per cent are against it, the rest are in two minds. If to consider the age of those who support and object to homosexuality, it is clear that younger people are more supportive of gay marriage than older ones.

On the one hand, in contemporary world, where a lot is permitted and accepted, it would be quite reasonable to agree to this as well. People, disapproving it, consider that it is incompatible with the main rule of marriage which is reproduction. But some get married not for love but for some other reasons such as money, citizenship, social status, etc. It is not always easy to find a worthy partner for the whole of your life.

As they say, marriage is the best form of companionship designed by mankind. Life partners are for life long till your last breath so we need to make the right choice, why should somebody deprive homosexuals of such a free option?

On the other hand, people are least likely to favor gay marriage for religious or moral reasons. The main reason is considering homosexuality immoral and inconsistent with biblical teaching. It also contradicts with one of the fundamental marriage purposes such as reproduction and undermines the traditional family. Some classify gay couples as unfit for creating a healthy environment for children upbringing in case they adopt them. Sometimes they remain universally childless. One cannot deny that for most people heterosexuality is the norm, both in society and in nature. So they do not find it necessary to validate or recognize the gay form of marriage.

By all means, we should understand that permissiveness will never be a synonym of democracy; being a little conservative, I suppose, it should be taken into account that gay marriage legalizing may open the door to all kinds of divergence behavior.

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