Essay on Information Security

Executive summary

Today, Star SEO faces the problem of the further market expansion after the merge of SEO companies. The new company faces a number of challenges among which the creation of a positive brand image and the attraction of customers are the primary concerns of the company. At the same time, the company needs to develop an effective and reliable information security system to attract customers and to reach its strategic goals. In this regard, the company should undertake such steps as insiders’ tricks recognition, user identification, tracking employees’ mood, creating employees’ risk groups and activities tracking, internal investigations. These steps will help the company to cope with such threats as data leaks via e-mail, instant messengers, social networks, weblogs, and forums. The introduction of the aforementioned measures will contribute to the improvement of the security of each area, vulnerable to the information breach. However, the work of the company on the enhancement of its information security should start with the work of managers with employees, who should be conscious of their responsibility for the information security. In fact, employees should be responsible for the security of the information they have access too. Otherwise, the company will have substantial difficulties with controlling the information flow and maintaining the effective and reliable information security system.

The elimination of these threats will make the company reliable and help the company to gain positive reputation among customers. The company should implement complex changes which should be applied to three key areas, including e-mails, instant messengers and social networks, blogs, and forums but the primary concern of the company should be employees, who have access to information and who are ofte responsible for data leaks.

Background information

Star SEO is a new company that was created in the result of the merger of several SEO companies, one of which had considerable problems with information security. In fact, the failure of the company to maintain the information security is the threat to the successful marketing performance of Star SEO because customers will not be confident in the company. In addition, the company will suffer from the poor information security, while information breaches and data leaks will threaten to the position of the company in the market constantly.

The company has to maintain a positive public image and prevent any risk of information breaches and the failure of the company’s information security. Any new case of information breach may be disastrous for the reputation and marketing position of the company. Therefore, the company should focus on the enhancement of its information security and develop new strategies to maintain the high level of information security.

At the moment, the company needs to enhance its information security consistently. To meet this goal the company should take into consideration actual threats and possible data leaks. In this respect, the company should take into consideration the fact that data leaks may occur from different sources. Hence, focusing on key sources, which represent the threat to the information security, the company can minimize the risk of information breaches and data leak.

For instance, the leaks may occur via instant messengers, as employees of the company share valuable or sensitive information with third parties. Today, instant messengers are very popular, while the potential threat to the information security through instant messengers is often underestimated. As a result, rivals or intruders can use instant messengers to obtain important information about the company or its customers.

The data leaks may also occur via e-mail, as third parties can get access to e-mail or employees of the company may send e-mails with sensitive information to third parties. In fact, e-mails is probably one of the oldest way of information breaches. Today, this way is still vulnerable to information breaches. E-mail remains a vulnerable channel to information breaches because e-mail is still popular and used abundantly by the company, its business partners and customers. Therefore, the enhancement of the information security of the company should involve the enhancement of its e-mail services.

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