Essay on International HRM

Brewster & Harris (199, pp.1-2) claim that the internationalization concerns the majority of modern organizations, despite of their size. Clearly, these internationally operating organizations require the employees that are capable to operate internationally. Therefore the international human resource management (IHRM) becomes an increasingly important factor that influences the success of organizations.  The world of business experience constant change and this dynamic development clearly has an impact over of the sectors of the organization activity, including HRM.

It should be noted that human resources management has a strategic importance for the overall organizational performance. The strategic human resources management is part of the general strategic part of the organization. With limited resources and a finite supply of talent, companies must pay extra attention to getting the right employees and keeping them. Finding, attracting, and successfully hiring and on-boarding of the new employee are the major tasks of the human resource management

Without a doubt, international HRM has received the growing attention and some new aspects of it were developed broader and more systematically.

Moore (2007, p. 52) draws the attention to the paradigm shift in the HR management, because the current role of HR management is a strategic one. This author insists that HR management has become a decision science of human capital and talentship, and it has a real capacity to drive the organization strategically and to have major impacts (Moore, 2007, p. 52)

The present paper is focused on the important aspects of international HRM, such as the process and practices in the context of different culture approaches. The major attention was paid to the analysis of the environmental factors analysis in the context of international HRM and the cultural issues of international HRM, because both these factors have a decisive role in the efficiency and results of the international HRM policies.

This paper discusses the functions of HR managers who have to operate in the international environment and face challenges on the various markets, because the workforces are spread across countries, cultures and political systems.  As a practical example of the organization with effective international HRM system I have chosen UK based corporation that has gained an international success and its well developed HRM is one of the reasons of its performance. It is obvious that a part of Tesco’s market success is explained by it thoroughly designed HRM system.  The Tesco’s example shows the importance of studying the factors that influence HRM and use them as a competitive advantage. Tesco is a global retailer with the Headquarters in Cheshunt, UK.  (About Tesco) This company specializes on grocery and general merchandise retailing and it is successful not only on its domestic market, but also on international markets like the United States, Republic of Ireland, Thailand, China, Poland and others. Actually, Tesco is considered as the grocery market leader in the UK, Malaysia, the Republic of Ireland and Thailand.

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