Essay on Local Lawsuit

The Baltimore City Circuit Court jury has approved the following verdict: this company has to pay the terminated Gary E. Davis $117,325 as compensation after his termination from the job (the cause of termination was his refusal to take a new job in the mentioned area). It has to be noted that there were different claims of the parties. For instance, the employer, Reliable Contracting Company indicated that there was no termination of this employee at all. On the contrary, it was his initiative; Gary E. Davis resigned voluntarily when the he decided to turned down the new work task. (Brody, 2009)

As for the position of the employee, the lawyer that represented Mr. Davis specifically mentioned the fact that the termination ultimatum was obtained when the compensation claim was filed by this employee in order to compensate the broken foot (this accident at the workplace has happened in 2004). Of course, such employers that obviously conduct unfair human resource tactics should take this case with Reliable Contracting Company as an example and try to avoid this kind of lawsuit situations.

Such small businesses as mentioned above Reliable Contracting Company may experience serious problems after facing the lawsuits. Time, money and various resources are already been spent on the process in court and business owners just can’t afford all kinds of stress that comes with legal wrangling. (Mccrea, 2002) Therefore the efforts of the team and the management of such companies should follow the legislation and plan the risk management strategy the right way. It is especially crucial for small companies because frivolous lawsuits are so harmful for them and some of them may not survive.

The prevention of the mentioned situations is possible to achieve trough the introduction of the effective risk management. As far as the small Maryland business is discussed in this case, the risk management may start with the one-page directive produced by the management that would explain the company’s staff how to adopt, follow and implement effective risk management methods. (Frame, 2003)

In my opinion, the top management of Reliable Contracting Company could prevent the events by supporting the fair human resource management policies towards their workers. The prevention of such things may be achieved by hiring new professional HR team who will bear the whole range of responsibility and at least care about their employees. I’m sure that in the case of such organizational changes the lawsuit against this company wouldn’t even appeared.

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