Essay on Mac Vs. PC

Today, Macs and PCs are the most widely-spread personal computers in the world. At the same time, PCs traditionally hold the leadership in the personal computer market. On the other hand, Macs are of the high quality and have the price similar to that of PCs that raises the problem of the choice for customers to make in favor of either Mac or PC. Macs and PCs are both personal computers intended to make everyone’s life simpler; however, several factors, including total cost of ownership, ease of use, reliability, and customer support set the Mac apart as the clearly superior choice.

In fact, the problem of the choice between Mac and PC is very important for customers, who are concerned with the quality of their personal computers and the costs of maintenance. In this regard, PCs and Macs are reputable personal computers, which have gained the consumer approval internationally. However PCs have proved to be more successful since, at the moment, PCs hold the leading position in the world market, while Macs attempt to catch up with PCs. In this regard, the widely-spread network and different marketing strategy for PCs is one of the factors that contribute to the higher popularity of PCs. PCs are easy to customize respectively to customers’ needs, while Macs can be customized in the company’s service centers that raises the problem of the availability of such centers to customers¬† (Komando, 2012). However, taking into consideration the growing demand, the company has already expanded its network substantially and today customers do not face difficulties to access Macs service centers. In such a way, both PCs and Macs are available to customers.

In such a situation, the quality of PCs and Macs and their reliability is another factor that customers take into consideration, while making the choice in favor of either personal computer. In this regard, Macs have proved to be more reliable than PCs, while Microsoft offers Windows OS for Macs that is another proof of the reliability of Macs (PC vs. Mac, 2012). Therefore, if customers want a reliable personal computer, they will naturally choose Macs, although some technical characteristics of Macs, such as memory and hard disk space may be lower for Macs compared to PCs, but Macs’ applications and files need less disk space that makes the difference in memory and hard disk space irrelevant.

Furthermore, the costs of maintenance of Macs are cheaper compared to PCs. At the same time, the applicability and compatibility of Macs is higher compared to PCs (Derene, 2009). Therefore, customers, who are looking for a highly compatible personal computer with low costs of maintenance, are likely to prefer Macs instead of PCs. At any rate, the lower cost of maintenance allow users to save their money and upgrade their personal computer faster compared to users, who spend substantial costs on maintenance of PCs. In addition, the higher reliability is a very important factor that may shift the choice of customers to Macs instead of PCs.

Thus, the comparison of Macs and PCs reveals the fact that Macs are more reliable and cheaper in terms of maintenance than PCs. PCs are more widely-spread and available to consumers. Nevertheless, consumers should not pay for the brand or its popularity. If they want to make a pragmatic and reasonable choice, then they will choose Macs.

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