Essay on Memo Report on a Business Professional Event

The Moving Your Business Forward Conference took place on November 12, 2012, 8.00 am in Georgia Tech Resource Institute Conference Center, 250 14th Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. The Conference was dedicated to the problem of the small business development in 2013. The conference focused on such issues as technology, finance, insurance, engagement marketing, social media and small business tools. The speaker was Adam Jones, the Human Resource Manager of a local company with an extensive experience of work in small and medium businesses. The speaker presented his vision of the future development of small business in 2013 and suggested possible ways for the improvement of small business performance next year. The main purpose of the speech was to give insights into the effective use of small business tools to accelerate the business development in 2013.

The audience consisted of representatives and owners of small businesses mainly. The age of the attendees varied consistently, but the main part of the audience consisted of people at the age of 30-40, although there were some younger and older attendees as well. The audience was interested in the speech because attendees were directly related to small businesses, while many of them owned one (Schmitt and Simonson, 205). The speaker informed the audience of his extensive experience in the field of small business and his successful progress to the medium business. He suggested to share his experience of the successful business development and to raise the interest of the audience, since attendees were definitely interested to know how to keep their business working and progressing, when the economic situation is far from perfect. However, the speaker could improve his appeal to the audience, if he referred to his personal example of coping with difficult situations in his small business. Instead, he just focused on the tools, which he considered to be the most efficient for small business.

The speaker was well-promoted since the organizer of the conference spread leaflets and promotional materials which presented the speaker as a successful businessman, who started as a small business owner and now moved to the higher level of his career development. However, the audience could be interested in more details of the speaker’s background. The room set-up was basically good as the room was spacious enough for the audience, while the distance between the audience and the speaker was not large (Viardot, 195). The attendees sat in a semi-circle around the stage, from which the speaker delivered his speech. However, the introduction of the speaker was not very good as the mediator just told his name and position without focusing on the specific subject of his speech. Nonetheless, the speaker provided this information himself and the audience was better prepared for the perception of the speech. The speech was delivered well since the audio system functioned perfectly (Schein, 106). Each attendee could ask a question and was heard perfectly at any place in the room. The questions were posed randomly but all parts of the audience were involved in this process since the speaker received questions from different parts of the audience.

The speaker was quite successful in the speech delivery since he uncovered key tools that small businesses could use to reach success. However, the visualization could be helpful and the speaker could back up his speech by visual presentation.

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