Essay on Multimedia tools

Today, the use of multimedia tools becomes more and more popular in the contemporary education. The wider use of multimedia tools is the result of the progress of technologies which have become available to students and educators. The major advantage of using multimedia tools is the higher efficiency of learning due to the visualization and other benefits brought by multimedia tools. At the same time, multimedia tools help students to learn how to use new technologies and software. As a result, students grow accustomed to using new technologies in their regular life and students can use new technologies for their learning. Therefore, in a long-run perspective, multimedia tools will help students to jeep learning during their lifetime without direct involvement of educators. Therefore, multimedia tools have positive effects on the quality of education in a short-run and long-run perspective and today educators have a variety of tools, which they can use in their work, including power point presentations, modeling tools, such as Chemsense, graphics and digital images software, such as Corel Draw Graphics Suit X3, and multimedia movies.

At the moment, power point presentations are the most widely spread multimedia tool used in the classroom (See App. Graph 1). Power point presentations are easy to use and available to both students and educators not only in the school/college/University environment but also at home (See App. Table 1). Therefore, both educators and students are accustomed to using power point presentations which become easy and effective tool to make presentations and to deliver learning material to students or to help students to prepare their own presentations.

Power point presentations are user friendly and normally raise no difficulties to use them effectively (See App. Table 1). Users do not need special training to prepare their presentations. At the same time, students can use power presentations prepared by educators to learn difficult issues because power point presentations provide visualization which can be very helpful. Therefore, power point presentations facilitate the perception of the learning material due to the effective visualization (See App. Table 1).

Furthermore, modeling tools, such as Chemsense, have also become very popular today and comprise a considerable part of multimedia tools used in the contemporary classroom environment (See App. Graph 1). In fact, Chemsense helps students to conduct and record their experiments through modeling experiments. In such a way, students can try different models before they conduct their experiments.

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