Essay on MyTour company: Social media campaign

The social media campaign is extremely important for the promotion of MyTour. The company should start with the development of the content that will be conveyed through mass media. In this regard, the company should focus on the collection of the information on its target destinations. As the company will operate in 500 destination cities, MyTour should collect as much information as possible concerning those cities. The collected information should be processed and possible destinations and tour plans developed for different categories of customers. For instance, all customers can be divided on several age groups: under 30, 30-40, 40-50, 60 and above. Each customer group will have the special offer and the special plan in each city with the attendance of different destinations and local landmarks.

In addition, the company should conduct the in-depth study of existing offers in the travel industry and compare its destinations and travel plans to offers of other companies. MyTour should develop original, unusual travel plans that will be different from those of its rivals. For instance, the company may offer a tour to the Fukushima nuclear power station as an exclusive offer that may attract some customers.

In addition, the company should encourage travelers to share their travel experience with the company and other users. For this purpose the company can create the special category on its official website. The company will encourage users to share their information on their travel rewarding the most active users, who provide detailed information on their travel experience. For instance, the best travel report or the most interesting travel experience described by a user can bring the user the free tour to one of 500 destination cities offered by the company. The winner may be defined by votes of visitors of the website, who decide which travel story/experience was the most fascinating, interesting and attractive.

Furthermore, the company can use diverse social media to promote its services. In this regard, the use of blogs may be very effective. The company may use blogs to provide customers with detailed information on its numerous destinations. Blogs allow the company to provide users with pictures and photos of cities and places which users can visit, if they choose services of MyTour. In such a way, the company can attract new customers and receive feedback from users. The feedback is very important because the company will be able to identify what customers like in services MyTour offers and dislike. The analysis of the feedback will help the company to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

In addition, the company can use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, where the company can not only share information concerning its services but also create virtual communities including satisfied customers and average users, who may be interested in travel and services of the company. Social networks have enormous audience and huge business potential. In addition, they are effective means of information sharing.

Finally, the company may use forums related to travel, where the company can just promote its services. However, more important, the company may use forums of different websites and other travel companies to find out customers’ needs and wants. The analysis of information from forums can help to understand what offers are particularly interesting for customers and what customers dislike.


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