Essay on Networking

In today’s dynamic life often appear unusual situations that require fast, accurate and adequate response to the communication process. Thus, the main aim of the project is to discuss the term networking, and to pay a particular attention to the challenges which are involved in the process.

Defining the term “networking” Vázquez-Barquero stated that “a network can be defined as a system of relations and/or contacts that link firms and actors together and whose content can refer to material goods, information or technology” (Vázquez-Barquero, 2002). In other words, expansion of the own network of contacts to the extent to cover the largest possible number of people who have learned that you can be useful to people and can give you valuable information or recommend you in the event is called networking.

Observing the concept networking in the frames of politics, and involving some powers domestically and globally, it is possible to add that each side of the question faces some challenges in the process of its development. For instance, challenges in politics can be associated with the possibility of being ostracized by “the other side” by the reason that one side can be perceived as partisan by those who are neutral in their actions and decisions. Exploring domestic powers, we can talk about a possibility not to trust the other person, and to consider that a person is untrustworthy or even dishonest, while the area of global networking may include a wide range of cultural and linguistic difficulties. But in spite of everything, there are no doubts that negotiating partners, solving their own problems, will be able to come to an agreement, if they seek to establish a favorable psychological and communicative climate of the conversation, to maintain the friendly tone of its conduct.

In conclusion, we have observed the term networking from various perspectives, and proved that networking is an important reminder that the basis of personal and professional success is the creation of relationships.

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