Essay on Personal Philosophy of Education

At present, views on the subject of education are divided. People have different opinions about what should be taught to the younger generation, as well as that of human perfection, and to what life young people should be sought. Thus, I am going to describe my personal philosophy of education in the body of this paper.

It is a truth that a teacher unable to reach the destination if he or she does not know where to go. In such a way, I am going to incorporate into my classroom environment a vision that ideally, people in education should take the path of conscious and responsible choice of the ways of thinking and acting that contribute to the life, culture and nature. This means that the goal of modern education is to enable people in the past, present and future of culture.

Formulating my philosophy of education, I can state that a constructivist approach in the frames of Jerome Bruner’s Theory of Constructivism helps me to provide into the life the ideas that just a learner chooses, interprets and transforms information, constructs some new hypotheses, and makes the right decisions. It means that my aim as a good educator is to encourage students to find or create some principles by themselves, and to give my students an opportunity to implement their knowledge in practice. Thus, all the components of my curriculum are interrelated and organized in a specific spiral manner for the purpose to allow students to connect previously gained knowledge with new ones. In addition, I strongly believe that all the above presented views can relate to my instructional and classroom management style in direct way because young people can observe, learn, assess and build logically coherent sequence of inferences, and it is always necessary to use these human skills in educational practice.

In conclusion, I have observed my personal philosophy of education, and shortly dwelled on its main components.

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