Essay on Products/Services/Brands: Sony

How would the client’s product or service be classified? As Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio and video products, game and communications products, key device and information technology products for millions of consumers and different professional markets, its products are classified as electronics, games and entertainment. The services are classified as financial, advertising and insurance services.

What are the products/services attributes? The products and services attributes are named pieces of information assigned to this or that product or service, which describe this product or service. The products’ attributes provides different variants of products. It helps to attracts more and more customers as they are given a chance to choose those products they like most of all. For example, when the customers choose Sony laptops, they have a chance to choose the appropriate attributes, such as color (black, brown or silver), display (17”, 15” or 14”), etc.

Is the product part of a product line or portfolio/mix? The product is a part of a product line.

Is the product or service branded and if so what brand equity does it possess? The product and service of Sony Corporation is branded. Sony brand name is known throughout the world.

How has the brand been designed and developed? Sony’s brand has been designed and developed for about 50 years. The company uses different brand strategies, such as product brands, line brands, range brands and endorsing brands. Since Sony Corporation’s creation of the brand in 1946, the company has always been known as a leader in product innovations.

If the client offers a service what are its nature and characteristics?

The client offers several services, which include financial services, banking, advertising services, insurance and credit finance. The main characteristics of Sony’s services are high quality, reliability, trust and good planning.

How does this compare to the main competitor’s product/service or brand?

Sony’s main competitors are LG, Phillips, Samsung, and some other companies. The products and services of Sony’s competitors are also in demand, but Sony’s reputation in the competitive market is stable. Millions of customers trust Sony and choose its products and services, because Sony Corporation is a leader in product innovations. It is known that the company’s main approach is doing what other companies don’t. The company goes with the times and its innovations are considered to be a part of the mainstream culture (video cameras, TV sets, Mini disk players, etc).


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