Essay on Quality control manager

The duties, rights and odd jobs of the quality control manager in relation to the basic values of the organization are one of the main ethical matters. This is due to the fact the quality control manager responsiveness lay on the capability to perform her or his duties to avoid any incidents. If anything happens refunds or compensation should be offered for the goods already sold. This is a morally ethical task, which shows the real devotion to their customers (Peale, 1988). But what ethical issues do quality managers face whilst carrying out business on the Web today?

There are many ethical issues faced by quality managers in the organizations in general. Using nice ethical principles to the online globe is a direct indication of the business online. Ethics influences first and foremost the organization’s label image, then the way sales, advertising and marketing methods are taken to the duty of making the firm money-making (Garber, 2008). Ethics, as a result, affects not only the personnel, but also the way they show the company both online and on the phone when cooperating with the customers, sales leads, and potential clients in the business online.

Needless to mention, with the modern wireless web mail, text messaging, image downloading, video recording and conferencing from personal tech with built in cameras, microphones, the Web is likely to keep on influencing our lives even more than  it was before. Thus, privacy security issues, together with e-business regulatory matters are likely to become even more widespread. As a result, it may become far harder to sort out who a person may trust online and what kind of sites are safe to attend along with a number of the immoral, illegal, Web marketing schemes as well as various search engine optimization techniques and of course, online frauds and all kinds of e-business email scams to challenge with.

Important Ethical E-Business Legal Issues to Consider

If a person writes a copy and maintains a client’s business Internet site or e-commerce site there are some significant items to carefully consider for client privacy and legal matters. What company says when issuing and copywriting for a client is an indication of how the customer’s brand is seemed in the rest of the globe. Negative or insulting articles issued concerning some human beings or companies, on other sites, forums and blogs, if not correctly researched and documented, could have legal results of libel, which may stretch even across nations. Also, it is also very important for the company to consider what is published on various blogs. It is a well-known fact that blogs are merely simple to publish sites and also various content management techniques where not only daily and weekly, but also monthly, both personal and corporate ideas, data, and events may be issued and shared online with other people. Interaction with clients may be set up in the comments form from the Internet visitors. Characteristically blog sites may be set up for free of charge.

SEO ”“ Search Engine Optimization

If webmasters carry out unethical search optimization of a client’s site, it could have long-lasting negative consequences for that client, which may not be simply repaired. Results that at first may seem irrelevant, but may severely influence the online sales and label image for the long period of time. Individuals are becoming more searching savvy online. Clients also realize that they may sound online on forums and blogs, asserting, “I am as mad as hell. So I am not eager to bare it anymore!” Users and searchers become much aware of the business ”˜mispromotion’, which is upon managers (Garsten, 2008).

Intellectual Property

When dealing with the ethic issues in the online company and with online clients there is a chief level of trust and accountability that is passed on to a human being or group, which maintains the business Internet site. It is crucial from an ethical values based on e-business and legal perspective to guarantee that the written words, videos, pictures, and what is being depicted about an organization are accurate. Issues may rapidly raise comprising marketing ethics and advertising law truth, which may be overwhelming for an organization’s image and rather expensive to cope with. It may not be overstated, there totally needs to be a total acknowledgement of a business for Web marketing matters and advertising aims, and be aware of possible pitfall spheres for revealing of trade secrets and intellectual property through data and articles issued online. All items issued online are most likely to become common knowledge rapidly. For that ground alone, managers should thoroughly before hitting the issue button (Costa, 2010).

Email Correspondence

E-mail communication should be confidential and private, and should stay that way unless consent is provided to issue something online. Whilst some people might not see any damage quoting something from the e-mail obtained, and issuing it on the Internet, it is always suitable to get an individual’s consent before publishing anything on the Web. Whilst people might have a desire to give permission to the request, they should realize what happens to Web privacy when a quote is attributed to the individual that made the utterance. Unexpected issues may surely arise, or influence a brand image of a person indirectly or directly through the comments and various texts being collected in search engine results , which are duplicated by others. Thus, it would be smart to consider the appeal for a quote carefully before asking for the individual’s agreement. Also, managers should consider utilizing only the first and last name initials, or even the initials only. This way, the names are not directly linked to the comment on the Internet. The quality control manager has to identify the pros and cons of every ethical lens through which the trouble could be resolved. Loss of consumer loyalty due to the distribution of low standard goods or low-quality services would have a negative impact on business.


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