Essay on Readers and Writers Benefit From Teachers

According to the principles and practices learned from the Module 2, teachers need to adopt a balanced approach in the process of teaching literacy as well as in the process of students’ skills assessment.

First attainment target that will be discussed in the present paper is the aassessment of writing. It needs to be pointed out that writing has to be assessed in the cases and for different purposes. The teacher has to be able to apply various methods of writing assessment in order to estimate the knowledge and the skill of the students.  I would make the difference between formative and summative evaluation. Formative evaluation of writing means that I would pay attention to the in-process judgments about the knowledge of the students. As for summative evaluation, I would also focus on the actual quality of the students work. Students’ needs will be taken into consideration. I will add the informal evaluation of students’ skills. In addition, the assessment will help to make a decision how to proceed and what could be improved. Finally, I will provide a useful feedback that would help student to improve his/her skills in the future.

Another goal to be discussed is the development of thinking abilities as a part of teaching writing. It involves the generation of ideas by the writer before he actually starts to write.  As a teacher that puts take students’ needs as a priority I would suggest students to use various tools for thinking, including journals, writers’ notebooks, blogs, sketchbooks, online discussion groups, and others. (Coffin, Caroline et al., 2003) Another method that would be able to help students develop their thinking abilities is the adoption of certain strategies that help to  find an idea when it is not likely to occur immediately. (Coffin, Caroline et al., 2003)

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