Essay on Right Food Culture and National Health

Today, the food culture is vulnerable to consistent changes under the growing impact of the food industry and the lack of opportunities for people to consume healthy food. In such a situation, the national health is under a threat, while the poor food culture is one of the major factors contributing to the ongoing deterioration of the public health in the US. In actuality, obesity has already become epidemics involving millions of people nationwide. The primary cause of obesity and related health problem is the unhealthy food people consume regularly but they do so because of their poor or under-developed food culture, which they learn from the early childhood. In such a situation, government agencies, public organizations, companies operating in the food industry and average citizens should unite their efforts to create the healthy food culture as a part of the national culture that will help to prevent numerous health problems, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and other health issues, and to improve the quality of life nationwide.

The contemporary food culture is dangerous for human health. In actuality, many people suffer from the unhealthy food they consume on the regularly basis. At the same time, the main problem is that often people have to consume fast food because of the high rhythm of their life and the lack of access to healthy food. For instance, products of organic farming, which are considered to be healthier compared to products of conventional farming, are more expensive. Therefore, they are less available to average citizens and the poor compared to products of conventional farming. However, the quality of products turns out to be inferior, when the food culture is taken into consideration because many families have unhealthy food culture that promotes overeating, consumption of unhealthy food, unbalanced nutrition and other food habits that are dangerous for human health. Children learning such poor food culture and habits from the early childhood naturally develop serious health problems in their adulthood and carry on teaching their children of poor food culture and food habits.

However, many people prefer fast food being unable to change their food habits. On the one hand, their food habits are deep-rooted in their consciousness and they are just unwilling to change their food habits, even if they are unhealthy. On the other hand, they just cannot afford healthy food and they stick to their unhealthy nutrition. As a result, people maintain unhealthy, poor food culture. In addition, people just lack the information of the healthy food culture. In fact, they are vulnerable to the impact of advertising of large food companies, such as McDonald’s which often position their products as tasty and healthy, although they are not healthy at the least. Nevertheless, consumers perceive such messages and take them for granted that leads to the development of dangerous food habits, including the habit of extensive fast food consumption.

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