Essay on School Funding Issues

Today, school funding raises a number of issues because the debate concerning the role of education and the interference of the government at all levels in the education process and funding of schools persists. In this regard, it is possible to refer to the case of Colorado, where the public funding of education is still one of the main issues since a large part of the population of the state insist on the public funding of education to provide access to education for all students, whereas, another part of the population insist that education is a private matter and students and their parents should decide how to fund their education.

Historically, the education was perceived by the population of the state as the private matter. Today, there are still many people, who believe that education is not a public good but it is just a commodity, while each individual should look for options to obtain education. Therefore, public funds should not be wasted on the public education. In addition, such people believe that public funding will deteriorate the quality of education because many students will not be motivated to learn and they will not be interested in learning.

On the other hand, proponents of the public funding of schools and the enlargement of the number of public schools argue that the public funding is crucial because this is the only way to provide access to education for all students. Otherwise, students from low-income families will be discriminated and deprived of education, while education is crucial in the contemporary society.

In actuality, the debate carries on but the state and district authorities attempt to maintain stable funding of the public education because investments in the public education of the state are investments in the state’s future.

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