Essay on Social Justice

The aim of this paper is to observe the concerns given for all students in multicultural classroom in terms of social justice.

To begin, multicultural education became a separate area of human knowledge in the last quarter of the XX century. Many issues which are observed in the frames of multicultural education were always interested for mankind for ages, for example, religious tolerance, racism, segregation and discrimination, equal civil rights for all, economic and social inequality, the psychology of individual ethnic and professional groups, etc. Thus, thinking about the concerns in terms of social justice for all students in any given multicultural classroom, we can state that they are low income, inclusion and respect to students regardless of their race or gender.

It is true that very often low income does not allow students to feel themselves good in a classroom, but the teacher’s task in this situation is to develop a strategy that may help to ensure that all students are treated equally and fairly. For instance, the teacher should provide the students with additional knowledge about different cultures and economical conditions for the purpose to exclude financial, race or gender differences. Moreover, asking the question, it is also important to check that all students have the equal chance to answer the question, and to participate in discussion. In addition, providing a strategy of development of social justice, it is necessary to remember that formation of intercultural outlook means learning to think wider, to be more open to existing reality, to reflect on what the student had learned, and implement knowledge into action. Debates about social justice are not only permissible in the class, but these debates should be encouraged by teacher. At the center of these discussions may be issues that are specific to those groups that differ in terms of culture: poverty, discrimination, war, the state budget and the ability of students to act in order to change the situation.

In summary, we have observed the main concerns for all students in terms of social justice given in any multicultural classroom, and proved that the main purpose of multicultural training programs is to help students to develop skills in decision-making and participation in social processes because multicultural approach puts highly a variety, stimulates critical thinking, reflection and action that train students to actively complicit in society.



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