Essay on Social Psychology

In fact, studies researching the problem of the impact of publicity on the readiness of men to conform reveal the fact that men are less likely to conform, when they know that their judgment will go publicly. In this regard, the major reason for such trend is the impact of gender-related biases and stereotypes, although men can conform publicly, if they are motivated by the public significance of their decision and encouraged by the renowned leader.

Men tend to conform less, when they are aware of publicity of their judgments because of gender-related biases and stereotypes that force them to maintain the image of leaders, who may neglect rules and conventional norms any time (Kenrick, Neuberg, & Cialdini, 2010).

At the same time, they often follow the lead of other people, who have the authority and positive reputation. Following the leader, men may conform publicly to demonstrate their loyalty to the recognized leader and to feel their belongingness to the leader’s group.

Men may also conform publicly when this decision is socially significant and where their conforming is important. The social significance of the act of conforming is likely to encourage men to take a decision to conform.

Finally, beliefs and personal opinion of men are important when they take a decision to conform or not. However, men do not like to make their personal views go public. Instead, they prefer thinking on their own before taking the final decision.

Thus, men are less likely to conform publicly, although they may follow the lead of a reputable leader or to conform, when this decision is socially significant.


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