Essay on Sony Corporation

Thinking about Sony Corporation, it is possible to say that it is infinitely Japanese in spirit and American in its embodiment kind of corporations. Of course, any person have heard something interesting about Sony Corporation during the last decades (and I am not an exception) because its marketing strategy helped the corporation to occupy its prominent place due to constant advertising and a proper mass customer orientation.

In such a way, I know that exactly Sony Corporation has launched the first transistorized receiver in mass production and created the world’s first home video cassette recorder (VCR). Owing to Sony’s active distribution of the own production, it is hard to imagine a world market of consumer electronics without various electronics goods made in Japan. To add, Sony Corporation has passed through three major stages in its developed, and these stages were small-scale production, specialized company and the largest monopoly (Triendl, 1999). In this regard, it is useful to note that the development of Sony began when its founders realized that they were not able to compete, and they chose the line for the production of things that others companies did not produced before (Mckern, 2003). Analyzing Sony’s marketing strategy it becomes obvious that the company chose the way of specialization in consumer electronics.

I became aware of Sony Corporation in several ways; the first way is advertising because Sony is always interested not only in creating the new products, but also in promoting them in the most efficient way. The second way is examining information presented in different books and in the Internet. And finally, even a visit to any electronics shop can give a lot of information about the company, allowing me not only to gain theoretical knowledge, but to see the goods in the own eyes.

Basing on the fact that modern Sony Corporation is a giant organism, I can state that it operates in virtually all countries all over the globe and is managed by an international team of managers. Thus, the company is trying to say to its customers that its goods have not only affordable prices, but their quality is also excellent. Sony’s customers can be divided in several groups, beginning from ordinary customers who buy electronics for the own needs and ending with big corporations which use Sony’s electronics in business purposes.

In summary, it should be noted that to achieve an absolute competitive advantage is almost impossible under current conditions of competition, but is it possible to achieve a kind of approximation to it, being ahead not due to the constant fighting, but due to a new level of the offered goods (goods with an innovative idea). As a result, Sony Corporation is successful in this strategy and proved that any company should not continue to rely on the market, constantly exploring the desires of the own customers, as consumers are fed up with the daily offerings. Moreover, any company must create a new product, and inform customers about its new properties; thus, Sony Corporation has changed the world of electronics forever, creating the desire of the buyer to purchase various electronics goods by the use of effective marketing strategies in the own practice.


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