Essay on Sony International Marketing Strategy

How does your client define value?

My client defines value as the ability to be competitive in the increasingly competitive international market. The company’s value is determined by a number of different factors which include the company’s reputation in the market, how much Sony as the successful company makes in profit each year, as well as the company’s stock price on the stock exchange. It means that my client defines value as the ability to operate profitable business.

What value do they offer to their customers?

They offer to their customers a value that is based on the high quality products, a well-known brand that is highly valued in all countries of the world, from Asia to the USA and Europe. Besides, Sony offers a wide range of services or service related activities which also help to attract more and more customers every year. In addition, Sony tries to improve its productivity, employees’ performance and quality of the products, the ability to use new innovative technologies. Sony’s products and services are delivered to the point of destination on time what is very important for the customers. Special attention is paid to the product advertising which attracts more and more customers and guarantees success in the competitive market. In this case, market segmentation is of great importance as it will give an opportunity to classify the customers by their characteristics, such as gender, age, income level, social class, etc. in order to learn more about the demands of the customers. It means that Sony has the major goal ”“ to satisfy the customers’ expectations in the increasingly competitive market.

What value do they hope / plan to receive in return?

They hope or plan to receive in return the value which is focused on the sales promotion, and business expansion. They hope to attract more new customers who will become regular customers. Moreover, they hope to receive stability in the competitive market, the increase in sales in the international market. They plan to improve the quality of their products according to the current standards. In other words, they plan to hold the leading position in the international competitive market due to the implementation of new technologies and due to constant improvement of the customers’ interests in the products, to satisfy the demands of the customers.

Are there any issues related to the exchange of value related to your client and their customers?

There are certain issues related to the exchange of value related to my client and their customers. First of all, my client and the customers should identify target markets in order to provide market segmentation. It will help to raise production and to improve current trends in customer relationship. It is known that exchange value measures the quantity of the company’s products, while the use value measures quality of the company’s products. Secondly, the other issue related to the exchange of value related to my client and the customers is focused on the use of such tools as brand building advertising and sales promotions, as well as web site networking. This issue is of great importance as due to the above mentioned tools, it is possible to increase sales. It means that the quantity of products will be increased too.

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