Essay on Student Survival Guide

Today, education plays an extremely important role in the professional and personal development of an individual. At any rate, I strongly believe that education is very important for me in person and it is also essential for my career development. As I want to obtain my major in elementary education, I am eager to attend Phoenix University, where I expect to receive the higher education of the premium quality. On the other hand, I am conscious of the fact that I am likely to confront numerous problems and challenges in the course of my education but I come prepared to them and I am ready to work hard to reach tremendous academic success.

In actuality, the successful leanring is closely intertwined with my skills and abilities. In this regard, Internet skills are particularly important because, today, internet plays an important part in the contemporary education. In fact, internet is not just a mere source of information but it is an interactive environment, where I can learn successfully. However, to learn successfully, I have to be able to use internet and have extensive internet skills. In this regard, I have already made some progress. At any rate, I know Microsoft Word, Excel, Web searching, e-mail, facebook. Microsoft Word, Excel and web searching may be very helpful in the course of my education, while I can use e-mail and facebook for the communication with different people and expand my internet skills.

At the same time, I can use internet to access the University of Phoenix and University library that is very convenient. In addition, University of Phoenix and University library policies are loyal to students and provide them with ample opportunities to access the library and the University anytime they need to obtain all the information they need. I believe that moving the University and University library online is very helpful for students, especially students like me, who have to combine their learning with work and family life. At any rate, I can benefit from accessing the University and University library online.

On the other hand, I am fully aware of academic honesty policies conducted by the University of Phoenix. Upholding academic honesty is crucial for students because the University does not tolerate any sort of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism. At this point, I fully agree with the University policy because student honesty is above all. Even if a student can deceive an educator, he/she will not deceive him-/herself. Therefore, if students have gaps in their knowledge and skills, no cheating will help them. This is why the academic honesty policy is so important because it helps students to rely on themselves solely and, thus, be successful.

As for me, my major educational goal is my major degree in elementary education. I was always interested in working at school because I like children and I like teaching them. No wonder, my career goal is working at school with little children. This is a great pleasure to help children to uncover the unknown world and that is the job of teachers.

However, learning is quite difficult because I have to perform well at the University, work and family. This is why time management is crucial for the successful learning. In fact, I have two kids of 6 and 2 years old. My elder child goes two school every day from 8 am to 3 pm, while my younger child stays with me. Hence, I have the time to do my assignment on Saturday night. In fact, this is the main time, which can dedicate to my learning, but I try to do my best to use any free time I get occasionally for leaning.

In addition, I still face some challenges that may affect my education. For instance, reading comprehension is quite challenging for me because English is my second language. However, I am ready to do my best to learn successfully and hard. In this regard, gaining proficiency in English is one of my priorities at the moment.

At the same time, I have to adapt my work habits to fit my personality. Otherwise, if my internal inclinations and traits of character come into clashes with what I am doing at work, then I will be unable to perform my work effectively. In this regard, I am very concerned with balancing my internal inclination and my work. This is why I have chosen my major in the elementary education because it matches perfectly my interests and inclinations.

In fact, I am conscious of the fact that I have my strengths and weaknesses in learning. For instance, my major strengths are visual, kinesthetic, concrete, and linear learning and perception. As for my weaknesses, I could define my weaknesses in my learning style as abstract, auditory and random learning and perception.

Nevertheless, I feel confident in my skills and abilities to learn and to obtain my major in the elementary education. I am ready to work hard and to overcome all the challenges to meet my educational goals.


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