Essay on The impact of computers on society

It is known that different specialists have different assessment of the impact of computers on society. Ullman and Joy are among those people who consider that computers have negative impact on society.  Both Ullman and Joy state that computers can become a top-selling product. Ullman can prove this fact as he has an experience of a computer programmer and knows the demands of the customers, while Joy has come to this conclusion when he studied at school. Both Ullman and Joy state that computers attract attention of millions of people throughout the world. Ullman is sure that the profession of a programmer takes much time, and, as a rule, computer programmers forget about people around them. They live in their own world and have no time to live a normal life. Moreover, both Ullman and Joy state that computer work has many negative consequences for human health. Joy compares the invention of the atom bomb and its negative consequences for humanity to the invention of computers. Joy argues that the last one may have the same negative impact on humanity. It means that in the nearest future robots can be involved in all spheres of human activity. Moreover, humans may become robots if they include in their bodies different machine parts, such as heart, kidney, etc. People also might insert their consciousness into robots. It means that human cloning based on the use of machines can lead to serious ethical and moral problems. In addition, it is possible to conclude that computers can lead to engineering human beings into unequal creatures by means of genetic engineering.

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