Essay on The Learning and Growth Perspective

Objective Target Measure Action
The international market expansion to increase the market share and to grow internationally The company should increase the number of its outlets abroad by 5-10% on the annual basis The company opens its outlets in the major markets, including the US market, Canadian market, the EU market, the Japanese market, Chinese market, Brazilian market, Argentinean market, South Korean market and other prospective markets. The share of the company in the target markets grows steadily and the company is an important player in every market, where it operates.
The training of the local staff and regular training of all employees of the company to increase their professional level 20%  of the staff of the company in the US should receive training on the regular basis; 25% of the staff of the company abroad should receive training on the annual basis
Offer employees an opportunity of the career development on the condition of regular and successful learning 5% of employees, who demonstrate the best results during and after training should receive promotion every three-five years
The involvement of trained employees (with the focus on the most gifted ones) into the company’s growth due to the introduction of new products and services Employees suggesting and introducing innovations will receive 10% bonuses to their annual salary, if the innovations being introduced proves to be successful and increases revenues of the company

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