Essay on The major motives of visitors attending Thai King’s Birthday Celebration

The major motives of visitors attending Thai King’s Birthday Celebration include socialization, enjoyment, changing environment and studying cultural traditions (Baloglu et al., 2003).  The majority of visitors want to escape from routine life, spend time with their friends, meet new people and socialize with them, learn about cultural traditions of the nation, and develop new interests (Baker & Crompton, 2000).

As motivation characteristics are associated with demographics, visitors’ satisfaction, and behavioral indicators (Crompton & McKay, 1997), Thai King’s Birthday Celebration is considered to be a powerful event that arouses patriotism of the nation. The majority of the Thais of different age groups participate in this event. International visitors can learn more about Thai traditions and evaluate the attitude of the Thais towards the King and his power. According to Rittichainuwat and colleagues (2008), motivation has an enormous impact on the likelihood of tourists to revisit Thailand. The results of the research show significant differences in visitors’ motivations between first time and repeat travelers and among tourists with different demographic profiles and a significant role of positive visitors’ impressions, including good food value, shopping, and a variety of things to do and novelty seeking on the likelihood of travelers to revisit Thailand (Rittichainuwat et al., 2008: 5).

2.4 Conclusion

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that it is very important to understand the major reasons of festival visitors’ motives which can help to design and plan a festival event in a proper way. Motives should be identified and prioritized in order to better understand why visitors attend on festivals. Moreover, it is very important to consider that different visitors have different needs and motives to attend festivals and events. Some visitors want to experience cultural tradition, while others prefer to visit festivals and events for socialization. The major motives of visitors’ attending on Thai King’s Birthday Celebration include cultural traditions, patriotism, socialization, enjoyment and changing environment.



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