Essay on Theology-Christian Marriage

To date, the information age has blurred the boundaries of social clusters and the formation of a single continuum of scientific information that opens up a whole new frontier of human capabilities. In such a way, people who are considered to be less spiritual are thinking about own prosperity and some attributes of the own comfort much more than about a possibility to develop the own soul for the purpose to know the principles of pious life. Thus, I agree with the concerns expressed in official Church society that our contemporary society prizes comfort above all else. Moreover, it is hard to realize that many people forget about God, and their souls become similar to stones, which feel some influences of external environment, but do not pay attention to the own inner components.

To continue, birth control was never encouraged by official Church, but I strongly believe that a couple can practice artificial birth control for the purpose to avoid contraceptive mentality. The answer how to do it in a proper way is hidden under the concept of natural family planning. Of course, the concept can not work for everyone into the same way, but this kind of planning can be used in a situation when the direct purpose of a couple is not to prevent childbirth, but to avoid pregnancy for some time period due to existing serious physical, social, financial or psychological problems. Such attitude to birth control in the frames of the own family allows couples, where exist true love and respect, to understand each other better and to overcome all the difficulties on their way in more effective and peaceful way. Thus, artificial birth control may help some couples to change their attitude to sex and sexuality, and to think about possibility to be together as a kind of a gift from God.

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