Essay on Videoconferencing

It is known that many different technological enhancements can potentially assist the project manager to solve a variety of organizational problems. The use of videoconferencing can enhance the communication techniques of a technologically savvy project manager in relation to the specific strategic plan. As a rule, videoconferences are conducted over the Internet, or via direct lines with special videoconferencing centers. Videoconferencing is an effective means of video and audio communication to partners, remote team members or project participants in different locations across the globe. In addition, videoconferencing should be used in case of physical disability. It is found that today videoconferences require the highest level of rehearsal because the new technology is relatively unfamiliar to most PC users. One of the advantages of the use of videoconferencing is that it is much cheaper than having face to face meetings at some distant location.

Today there are many different videoconferencing products that can be effectively used in communication process. However, only “high quality online Webcam and videoconferencing products come at a price”ť (Craven et al., 2002, para.5). It is known that today Polycom and Tandberg are the two leading manufacturers of video conferencing equipment. Although there are a number of other well-known companies producing videoconferencing products, few of them have “the product depth and technical experience of Polycom and Tandberg”ť (Video Conferencing Equipment ”“ Overview, 2012, para.1). These two companies sell the majority of all video conferencing products. In today’s global market of video communications it is very important to find the appropriate equipment that best will fit the organization’s requirements and needs. Video conferencing equipment is categorized in the following way: Desktop systems, which are placed on the desk and do not require much space, Set-Top systems, which are placed on the top of the television monitor and can be used for group meetings, and Executive systems, which can be effectively used in executive offices and boardrooms (Video Conferencing Equipment ”“ Overview, 2012, para.3).

The Tandberg 7000 and the Polycom Executive Collection are the most popular videoconferencing products. The Tandberg 7000 is a completely integrated videoconferencing system which consists of two 30″ LCD screens, a remote control, a tracker, an integrated cabling microphone stand and a camera. The Tandberg 7000 is of high quality. The system offers the perfect video communications experience for the participants of a videoconferencing because it provides high quality images and sound, and has a professional design. The second videoconferencing product is Polycom Executive Collection. This product includes several wall and floor models, which have a modern design. The videoconferencing system includes dual or single 50″ or 61″ plasma monitors. The Executive Collection has a high quality audio and videoconferencing system which can be effectively used for the executive boardroom.

Both the Tandberg 7000 and the Polycom Executive Collection offer endless possibilities for displaying not only people, but also documents and graphics, including PowerPoint presentations, which can be used by a project manager in strategic planning. Both products can be regarded as efficient substitute to face-to-face communication.

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