Essay on Ways to maintain and to enhance the current performance of Bob and Lou’s Café

The company has to maintain and to enhance its current performance. In this regard, the company should develop its support and primary activities to develop its value chains successfully. Support activities include procurement, infrastructure, human resource management, and technological development. In fact, the company has to develop its infrastructure and expand its chain to expand its market share and to maintain the high level of the market growth. The procurement can help the company to offer new services and products to customers. For instance, the company can offer some fast food products to enhance its competitive position, especially compared to fast food restaurant. At the same time, the company should preserve its unique ambiance and image. In such a way, Bob and Lou’s Café will introduce new products and service and preserve its uniqueness that will distinguish Bob and Lou’s Café from its major rivals.

Primary activities include inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and services. Primary activities are also very important for the successful business development of Bob and Lou’s Café. In this regard, logistics both inbound and outbound plays a particularly important part, taking into consideration the strategic goal of Bob and Lou’s Café to expand its market share and to accelerate its business development. As the company attempts to keep growing, Bob and Lou’s Café will have to expand its chain, while the expansion of the chain of the company will naturally raise the problem of the development of logistics for the company will have to expand its supply chains and to transfer products faster at longer distances. In such a way, Bob and Lou’s Café will develop its business successfully and expand its market share. The improvement of operations can occur due to the training of employees and implementation of knowledge sharing management within the company. The company can increase sales through the improvement of the quality of its products and services that will lead to the rise of the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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