Essay online on Modern technology affects our lives, and society

Without a doubt the influence of modern technology over the society is considerable.  Walker (43) argues the significance of technology for economic and social life may be shown by considering certain developments of the 20 st century.  The situation in the 21st century in terms of the technological development and its influence on people is much more complex than ever before.

Many experts claim that modern technologies influence the way we live in both positive and negative ways. Modern people use and know the tools such computers, internet, mobile phones, laptops and others. An individual that aims to gain a significant social success almost can’t achieve it without at least slight use of technologies. Therefore these options can’t be ignored because they affect the majority of spheres of life and bring certain experience of social change. Technologies clearly present some outstanding social opportunities but their successful rise has also brought up concerns about the negative consequences of the frequent use of technologies.

I believe that despite some obvious negative social effects of modern technology such as increasing laziness, intolerance and lower motivation of the population are overcome by its positive effects. It has to be mentioned that technology makes life more comfortable and provide the opportunities that otherwise people would have never had without it. It is specifically true for the business, education and medicine.

The lives are saved thanks to the latest technological developments of medical instruments. The high technologies allow scientists to research the bacteria and dangerous diseases.  (Walker 37)

As for the education, computer and internet provide the most outstanding learning opportunities than ever before. And I presume that the education wasn’t available for so many people when these technologies were simpler. It is clear that the benefits of the modern technology for the education are enormous.

Another important aspect that has to be discussed is the area of communication which was greatly affected by the modern technologies.  Sanders (62) indicates that information technology is growing at a dizzying rate and it could be added that the changes happen on the daily basis. Technology presents the opportunity to connect to other people across the boundaries in seconds which was impossible before.  The interaction between people in the modern globalized society is now built not only upon their common real life communication but also on their online communication’s experience. Besides, there so many time saving opportunities are available to the individual through the use of technologic tools, for a person can play bills, search a job, read newspapers, write papers and do may other things as well. Therefore, a conclusion could be made that the shifts in the social and other aspects that are influenced by the spread of technologies are powerful and they change our lifestyle, our habits and hobbies: they change the way we are living.

Technologies even influence the life priorities of some people; therefore society should be careful with their use and set the policies in order to control the negative effects of technology on people. For example, in accordance to many technology critics, one of these effects is the tendency of living the virtual life instead of the real life when the online communications are able to substitute the personal communications and the individual dependant on the internet may even loose how to cope with problems in real life.

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