Essay: Two questions

Question 1. A summary of how you deal with noise based on the article “Noise Now: Listening to Networks”

According to Kate Crawford, the noise of 21st century comes from networks: mobile phones, social networks, email messages and other forms of connection create a digital noise accompanied by signals of the devices when new alerts arrive. The technology has changed the way people live, and Crawford calls to think about the impact of this new form of noise on human sustainability. In my opinion, informational noise is often more distracting than regular noise, and it is necessary to limit the amounts of noise in the life. As for me, I usually do the following to deal with the noise: turn mobile phone in silent mode when doing important things, check email and social networks only several times per day when time is limited, and sometimes set programs limiting my access to informational distractions when significant things have to be done.

Question 2.

1. What is the difference between organization schemes and structures?

Organization scheme is a method of organizing information in a certain place or source of data (Morville & Rosenfeld, 2006). Organization structure of the information is the method (or methods) of navigating the information (Morville & Rosenfeld, 2006), i.e. the ways how users can access the information and navigate the data source or place. The main difference between these concepts is the following: the scheme represents the idea which was used to arrange information, while the structure represents the method used to browse the data.

2. List the various types of organization schemes.

It is possible to distinguish between easy and more ambiguous organization schemes. The easy ones are alphabetical, chronological and geographical schemes; more ambiguous schemes can be task-oriented, topic-oriented, audience-specific, and can be based on metaphors (Morville & Rosenfeld, 2006). There also exist hybrid organization schemes, which combine the elements of several schemes.


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