Persuasive Essay Cutbacks on Schools in California

In actuality, cutbacks on schools in California raise the heat public debate because cutbacks affect consistently the public education, while public schools provide education for students, who cannot afford any other education, especially private one. In fact, budget cuts for the public education in California may lead to disastrous effects, especially in a long-run perspective, because saving costs on education today means the loss of economic opportunities in the future. Obviously, the education is crucial in the contemporary society, while in the future the role of education will increase even more. In fact, the educational background may affect the competitive position of individuals in the labor market and the competitive advantage of the country in the global market. In such a situation, investments in education are highly profitable, while California cuts spending on public schools that limits educational opportunities for many students and deteriorates the quality of public education, which was far from perfect in the past, while after cutbacks on public schools the quality of public education will deteriorate even more. Therefore, cutbacks on schools in California are unacceptable because they have a ruinous effect on the public education and state economy.

In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that the major driver of the cutbacks on schools in California is the economic recession. Since 2008, California has started to decrease spending on the public education. Today, $5 billion cuts are planned on public education in Califronia for the 2012-2013 fiscal year (Lin, 1). In such a way, public schools will receive a lower funding the next fiscal year. Obviously, such cutbacks affect consistently the public education in California.

In fact, current cutbacks on schools in California provoked the uncertainty of educators in their future and the unclear future of the public school system in California because of the unclear budget (Megerian, 7). Educators and school administrations do not how well the public education will be funded next year. In such a situation, school administrations cannot develop long-run plans of the school development. Moreover, even short-run plans of the school development may be under a threat because of the uncertainty in funding the public education. Public schools have scarce resources of funding, while the government funding is the major source of funding of public schools.

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