Written Response to the Movie Karmen Gei

The movie Karmen Gei (2001) known as the first African musical is directed by Joseph Gai Ramaka and produced by Richard Sadler. It is one of the movies which retells Carmen myth, but in a new setting. In this case it is Senegal. The movie retells the old legend that is focuses on the conflict between the great desire for freedom and the existing laws and regulations which constrain the fulfillment of this desire. The movie is rather colorful as it includes African music and dances, bright costumes and good cast. Karmen is not only an independent woman whose numerous desires lead to the tragic end, but also she is represented as a sexual woman who does not recognize the established laws in the society. She is ready to destabilize everyone in her path and create havoc. The main point of the legend is to show the relationship between the protagonist Karmen, singer Massigi, and the young corporal Lamine Diop whose life is ruined because of Karmen and who eventually decides to kill her. The plot of the movie represents a rather complicated love triangle in which the significant role is played by Angelique, the warden from prison whom Karmen manages to seduce convincing her to escape from the prison. The fair skinned Angelique is an antithesis to Karmen’s character. The movie helps to understand interpersonal relationships, the role of freedom in the life of an individual, as well as love affairs. Karmen is represented as political dissident who acts according to her own desires. The story is rather absorbing.

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