Essay Albert Camus’ story The Guest

Based upon your reading of the story and your understanding of Camus, which might be more important in Camus’ view: adherence to societal rule or individual choice?

In Albert Camus’ story The Guest, the author discusses an encounter between Daru, a French schoolteacher, and an Arab prisoner who was accused of murdering his cousin. The major themes of the story include the themes of individual alienation, responsibility and freedom, the value of human life and morality, the ambiguity of actions. The author represents a clear portrait of colonial life and the psychological state of colonizers and the colonized. In the story The Guest, the main character Daru has to make a serious choice: whether he will adhere to the societal rules, or to the individual choice.

Taking into consideration the biography of Albert Camus and his story The Guest, it is possible to conclude that in his life, the author paid special attention to freedom and individual rights. The main character Daru has to make a hard choice in his life and then, he has to deal with the consequences of his choice. In the story The Guest, Daru receives a threatening message: You handed over our brother. You will pay for this (Camus 378), and the author does not inform the readers of the consequences. Camus’s main character Daru chooses to leave the Arab prisoner with his fate. He is sure that his decision is morally correct. That is why the most important thing in Camus’ view might be adherence to the individual choice, but not to the societal rules.

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