Buy essay on A healthy lifestyle and good life skills for Australian children

The problem of bad health of the younger generation in recent years is becoming increasingly important. According to WHO, only 13% of children 7 years old can be considered healthy, and one of the major reasons for this situation – the lack of children’s positive attitude toward their own health. The Australian Government is also committed to promoting healthy lifestyles, addressing obesity, and taking preventative measures to improve the health of all Australians. (Australian Department of Health and Ageing)
A special role in solving this problem is given to education and training institutions to organization of recreation activities. It is important to pay special attention to physical education, a system of physical culture work, a comprehensive approach that includes various components of a healthy lifestyle. For children safe and healthy lifestyles is not just the sum of learned knowledge and lifestyle, appropriate behavior in different situations, the ability to put into practice in real life, the knowledge and skills.
Healthy lifestyle of children necessarily includes the following components:buy essay
– Proper nutrition and
– Physical education and sports
– Spread a combination of mental and physical stress
– Adequate emotional stress and activity
Children should know the following:
– What is health and healthy lifestyle and why it is so important;
– Factors that favorably affect health;
– The need to take care of health;
– The importance of health for future life.
Educational institutions need to conduct classes in raising a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of the classes is the formation of opinion and healthy habits in children. This goal is realized through the following tasks:
– To give children an idea of health as a value, to expand children’s views about the state of their body.
– To teach to protect health and take care of it.
– To help children in the formation of healthy habits, instilling persistent cultural – hygiene practices.
– To deepen the knowledge of students about nutrition and its importance, the relationship of health and nutrition.
The purpose of the program is to form the motives of health promotion in children, positive qualities, moral and cultural behavior.
It is important to familiarize children with the necessary information at school lessons, such as physical education, the natural world, nature, biology, chemistry, geography, technology, physics, literature, music, fine arts) and extra-curricular educational activities. The purpose of such lessons is to promote healthy lifestyle in Australian children and take preventative measures to improve their health.


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