Essay on A Strategic Evaluation of ITV PLC

ITV PLC is one of the leading broadcasting companies of the UK. The company has been rivalling with BBC and maintains its competitive position successfully. ITV PLC was founded in 2006 in the result of the merger of Carlton Television and Granada Television. The merger opened larger opportunities for the business development of the new company and enhanced its position in the market substantially. Today, the company is one of the leaders in the local broadcasting in the UK. At the same time, the company attempts to develop its business internationally entering foreign markets. The company keeps growing and maintains stable financial position. ITV PLC focuses on the development of its business online that is very important today, when internet becomes the mainstream media. Nevertheless, the company remains devoted to its traditions and attempts to create the positive brand image to breed the customer loyalty. In addition, the company provides its customers with services of the high quality to reach possibly higher customer satisfaction, which, in its turn, stimulates the customer loyalty. Therefore, ITV PLC is one of the leading UK broadcasters, which holds a leading position in the UK and attempts to expand its business internationally, but the company still has to maintain its competitive position in the UK and to enhance its position in the international market, where the competition is even tighter than in the UK.

2.0 Methodology

To complete the current report, the secondary data were used mainly. The major primary source used in the course of the current report was the official website of the company, which provided the first hand information concerning the company’s history, its current development, mission and goals. The information obtained from the official website of the company was carefully analyzed and critically evaluated to obtain adequate information on the recent development of the company, to assess its current marketing position and to understand adequately its opportunities and potential threats the company may face in the future.

In order to understand the current marketing position of the company Yahoo finance website was used to assess the financial position of the company and its marketing potential and opportunities. In addition, news agencies and news websites were used to obtain the information on ITV PLC, to understand strengths and weaknesses of the company and to have a critical view on the company. In this regard, BBC news reports were particularly noteworthy, taking into consideration the tight competitive struggle between BBC and ITV PLC. The analysis of the information from news agencies and news websites helped to understand recent trends in the development of the company, possible challenges, current problems as well as strengths of the company.

For the extensive evaluation and analysis of the broadcasting market and the company’s development peer reviewed articles were used since they provided the reliable and valid information, which though referred to the development of broadcasting mainly. However, the analysis of the development of the broadcasting industry opened large opportunities for understanding the position of ITV PLC and its business environment.

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