Essay on ADHD children of 4-10 years

As you already know, the goal of our project is to help ADHD children of 4-10 years old to cope with their disorder by drawing their interest to small details and helping them to learn how to focus attention and how to be more purposeful. In order to convince our sponsors that our project is valuable, we have to provide appropriate evidence. Here are the topics which I believe should be covered by the evidence: number of ADHD children, their educational and behavioral problems, ADHD-related problems emerging for teachers and parents of ADHD children, quality and availability of learning games for ADHD children, pricing for ADHD learning games and the number of educational institutions and/or educators working with the children with special needs (such as ADHD). Also we have to find out how improved attention and ability to focus on details help ADHD children to cope with their disorder and make their life better.

All of you are encouraged to suggest other topics and findings which prove the actuality of our project. Discussion is expected to take place on July 26, 2011. The responsibility of the Researcher is to find out existing data evidence on the above-mentioned topic. I kindly ask to provide the data within 3 days after receiving this message. Once data are provided, I will post them and I’d appreciate if each of you could comment on the credibility of these data. A special task for Devil’s advocate is to testify the evidence and to look for all possible errors in it.

At the next stage, the data will be passed to the Writer; the responsibility of the Writer is to craft a Background section of the proposal and e-mail it to me within 24 hours after receiving the research and evidence. I will then post this section for public review, and at this stage all your criticism and feedback on the Background part will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your valuable participation!

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