Essay on Animal Rights

Research Paper Outline
Purpose: To put information out there to show the bounds of human responsibility toward animals.

Opening: Today animal rights are an issue that is under debate. The public is divided on whether or not animals should have rights, are they feeling, thinking, and intelligent beings. They cannot agree if there should be limits and regulations on the way animals are treated and what they are used for all around the world. However animals from every country should have rights and there should be limits and regulations put on the way animals are treated and used in research, entertainment and clothing around the world.

Body: To show why there should be limits and regulations in all countries placed on the way we treat animals. As far back in history as one looks animals have been use for more than just survival.

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1) Animal used in research
a) What type of research are animals used for
b) When did animals first become a target for research companies
c) What kind of pain and suffering do animals used in research have to go through
d) What steps are being taken to insure the welfare of the animals
2) Animal pelts being use for clothing
a) What kind of animals are killed for their furs
b) Where does the bulk of our fur trade and supplies come from
c) What happens to the meat from the animals is it use for food or discarded
d) How are animals that are raised for clothing raised or are they hunted when needed

3) Animals used for entertainment
a) How long have animals been used to entertain
b) What types of animals are used
c) Where should the line be draw on whether it is entertainment or cruelty
?? There has been many of regulations and limits place on the use of animals for the purpose of research, clothing and entertainment, as time goes on there will be more as science proves that animals do feel pain in much the same way as people. ?? Needs improved

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