Essay on Arrange Versus Love Marriages

Marriage is an important occasion in the life of any girl and any young man. The fact that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth is known to everyone. Any marriage is a so-called spiritual, physical and mental consent of two souls. However, marriages can be of different types: arranged marriages and love marriages. Both of them have very much in common but at the same time there are certain differences between them.

Both love marriages and agreed marriages join the hearts of young people. However, love marriages provide the freedom of choice while arranged marriages do not give an opportunity to a man or a girl to choose a person themselves. The parents take an active part in this process.

Although both marriages mean that a girl and a young man become a wife and a husband, love marriages provide the time for better understanding of the partner. This is very important for the further relations between the partners. However, arranged marriages do not give such a chance.

Again, while the marriage certificates are the same both in arranged marriages and love marriages, usually in love marriages both partners have the same rights and none of the partners is dominant over the other while in arranged marriages the husband has a greater power over the wife.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that love marriages have much more advantages than arranged marriages as both partners feel free and are independent from their parents’ opinions. However, the statistical data proves the fact that arranged marriages are more stable.
I’ll prefer love marriage because I think that any person should act according to his or her opinion. It is impossible to built happy relations without love and mutual understanding.

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