Essay on Assertiveness assignment

Part 1
Assertiveness is a necessary and important quality that helps a person to achieve goals, especially for career growth. Assertiveness is an important part of self-confidence, decisiveness, which helps us to make difficult decisions and do not stop in front of difficulties. Assertiveness is especially helpful for people to drive in their career, as it is proved that in the business world aggressive, assertive and confident people, who are able to regulate these qualities depending on the circumstances, are more likely to receive a promotion. Assertive, confident people have much less stress and anxiety in awkward situations, they have the skills to prevent unpleasant conversations, and they are always embarrassed to speak out, when asked by their superiors. That is, assertiveness is important at work, in dealing with superiors, as well as with partners and subordinates.

There are some assertive techniques that can be used by people in different situation. The first is negative inquiry, which is answer to the critical opinion, that provokes further, more specific criticism. For example when we say what do you mean by saying that we ask for information about what is negative, to break the manipulative cycle and make the person to be more assertive.

The second technique is I-statements, which is used to express your opinion and feelings from a personal position, but avoiding any judgments about the other person. For example, I feel frustrated when you are late for meetings. I don’t like having to repeat information. The third technique is workable compromise, which is used when our interests or dignity are not affected. In this case we can come to compromise to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Part 2
I can be passive in conversation with seniors and my boss, as they have a great influence and power of persuasion. In this situation, I must first listen to their words and opinion, must obey and follow their instructions. I can not be assertive with the boss, since it contradicts the official relations, and I may be fired.

Also I may be aggressive in certain situations, for example when I am outraged by misjudgment or unfair statement in my address. Aggressive person speaks loudly, interrupt and often do not listen to ideas or opinions of others.

Part 3
Assertiveness helps in career growth, because people who can demonstrate assertiveness and strength of character, depending on the situation, achieve success in professional life. They get a promotion more often than their professional colleagues, even if they have the same knowledge and skills. Assertiveness is the quality of real leaders, as leaders and successful people have a strong desire to work hard, they develop their assertiveness, focusing on future success. For example, when my boss at briefing talks about the future important project to be executed, and there are some employees who can do it. If I be assertive and convince the boss that I would make the project better than anyone else, then I can get extra bonuses and respect of the boss. That is, the ability to be assertive at work gives remarkable results, and can lead to great career heights.


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