Essay on Barriers and risks associated with EHRs implementation

A Security

However, the introduction of EHRs raises the problem of information security. EHRs imply the storage and processing of huge data. Hence, the risk of information breaches arises (Maekawa & Majima, 2006). Today, threats of information breaches grow stronger and EHRs can provide third parties with sensitive information on patients, if EHRs are accessed illegally. Information security is one of the major challenges to privacy in the contemporary world.

B Privacy

In such a situation, the privacy of patients may be under a threat. Along with security issues, the privacy is under a threat because of the poor use of EHRs by healthcare professionals. For instance, a professional negligence may lead to the access of third parties to the private information of patients. Many countries develop privacy-related legislation protecting privacy. In this regard, the US does not have the legal act that defines and protects privacy accurately. However, legal implications to the protection of citizens to the right to privacy can be easily traced in the US Constitution and Amendments Four and Fourteen.

C Lack of standards

Finally, EHRs need the elaboration of common standards. Today, there are no common standards for EHRs (Menachemi, 2011). Hence, EHRs may be ineffective because healthcare professionals will not be able to use them, if they do not match national standards. The failure of EHRs to meet national standards is a serious argument against introduction of EHRs, because if EHRs fail to meet common national standards, they are virtually useless in terms of the national healthcare system

IV Conclusion

Obviously, EHRs will have positive effects on the quality of healthcare services and sharing information concerning patients’ health. On the other hand, there are numerous problems associated with the introduction of EHRs, such as the lack of information security, common standards, and the threat to patients’ privacy. Nevertheless, EHRs have to be introduced, regardless of possible drawbacks because benefits of EHRs are stronger than potential threats.

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