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In the current essay I would like to consider Charlize Theron’s biography and focus on what she has had to overcome in her life and how that impacted her drive to success. To begin with it should be noted that Theron was born in Benoni, Transvaal Province in South Africa, and was the only child of Gerda Aletta Jacob and Karl Jacob Theron (who died in 1990). Through the maternal line the actress has German and paternal – French and Dutch roots. Theron’s parents owned a farm and a firm on the construction of roads, which ran Gerda Theron.
It can be said that Theron’s childhood was on a parents’ farm in Benoni, near Johannesburg, where she studied at elementary school. It is essential to note that by communicating with farm’s workers, immigrants from various local tribes, she learned to speak in 26 dialects, and thereafter, on a par with the native Afrikaans ”“ became fluent in English possession. The farm was among the wildlife, and subsequently in many respects this fact influenced her decision to become an activist for animal rights. At 6 years old Charlize began attending ballet lessons. At age 13 she was sent to boarding school and began studying at the National Arts School in Johannesburg. It should be noted that one of the key events in her life, Charlize endured at age of 15, when she became a witness of her father’s death. As a fact, Charlize’s father was a chronic alcoholic and that night attacked his wife, who was forced to shoot him in self defense. Police did not put charge against Gerda Theron. It can be said that Charlize embarrasses this episode, because once in an interview she claimed that her father died in a car accident, according to Biography for Charlize Theron (2011).buy essay
At age 16, on the advice and insistence of the mother, Charlize took part in the models competition, which became victorious for her. Later, she participated in an international models competition in Positano (Italy), and after the winning, Charlize signed an annual contract with a model agency in Milan, Italy. During this year, Charlize traveled all over Europe, and then went to New York, where she decided to settle down. It can be said that from early childhood Theron was dreaming about ballerina career and at the end of the contract she entered the Joffrey Ballet School. However, due to a knee injury at age of 19, Theron was forced to abandon the dance career. In turn, her mother believed that overseas South Africa, her daughter have more opportunities to find herself and develop her abilities, and insisted that Charlize should try to make a career in the Hollywood, according to Charlize Theron ”“ Biography (2010).
After an injury Charlize went to Los Angeles with one-way ticket. The first few months in this city she spent in a cheap hotel. It is essential to note that Charlize’s life changed when she came to the bank to cash her mother’s check for $ 500, and thus pay for the rent. Charlize suddenly was turned down – the local clerk refused to cash a check made payable outside the U.S. and Theron, in response, made a scandal, spout outrage in all strong expressions in English and Afrikaans that she knew. After that, the man standing in the same queue (John Crossby, impresario, who represented the interests of celebrities such as Rene Russo and John Hurt) suddenly became interested. Crossby handed the girl a card, and then introduced her to some casting agencies, as well as in acting school, where she managed, eventually, get rid of the South African accent. As a fact, 8 months later after her arrival in Los Angeles, Theron was adopted to the role without a word in a 3-second episode of the film “Children of the Corn 3: Urban Harvest”, according to Charlize Theron (2010)


The first serious role of Theron was the film “Two Days in the Valley”, directed by John Herzfeld. However, the first truly major work was the role of Theron in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”, where she played with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. As it was recognized by the actress herself, this role has demanded not only creative costs, but also she had to fly to the New York, sometimes paying out of her own pocket. After three months of trial, she had the role, but even then the actress has continued to worry, fearing that she will be replaced after the first failed take, according to Charlize Theron Biography (2011).

In 1997, Charlize’s mother Gerda married again, and her daughter, who was always very close with her mother, painfully experienced this new marriage. However, this marriage was short and after the divorce, Gerda moved to Los Angeles, close to the daughter.  Many experts consider that the best role of Charlize Theron was the movie “Monster”, where she played a serial killer. As a fact, for this role Charlize received following awards: Academy Award for Best Actress 2003, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress 2003, Silver Bear for Best Actress 2003. Moreover, on September 30, 2005 Theron got her own star on Hollywood’s “Walk of fame”. Also, it should be noted that Teron participates in the activities of women’s rights organizations and advocates of abortion rights. She is a defender of animal rights and active member of the organization “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”.

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