Essay on Blue Water Yacht Management, Incorporated Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

Blue Water Yacht Management Incorporated is a private company established in 2010. Blue Water Yacht Management Incorporated is in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and specializes in managing boats and yachts ranging from 30 feet to 100 feet in size. Blue Water Yacht Management Incorporated offers the owners of boats and yachts a full range of management services customized to individual requirements. Blue Water Yacht Management Incorporated provides full boat and yacht management services in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Dade County. Blue Water Yacht Management Incorporated will be run by Captain William Blacketer and Sherrie Sheehan.

The Customers
Blue Water Yacht Management, Incorporated will target three groups of customers such as individuals who own his or her boat or yacht, yacht brokers, and marine dealerships. The surrounding area is quite well-to-do; with just about 50% of the residents earning over $70,000 annually. As a result, they have nice boats and yachts and want them to be maintained and to look nice. Lastly, there are quite a few marina dealerships in the area which will require boat maintenance services for the various types of boats.

The strength of Captain Bill’s experience and his reputation in the Marine Industry is Blue Water Yacht Management’s competitive edge in addition to a significant asset. Captain Bill has been involved in the Marine Industry for the last twenty-three years. Before opening Blue Water Yacht Management, Captain Bill had served in the Navy, and was the captain for quite a few high profile yachts. He has been a Corporate Captain for the last six years overseeing all boat and yachting related operations.

Blue Water Yacht Management, Incorporated is positioning itself as the premier Yacht Management Company serving Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach area. Sherrie Sheehan has 15 years of corporate and administrative experience for the organization to benefit. Captain Bill is predicting that the company will generate a very high gross margin, and a modest net margin after year one, and comfortable margin after year three. By year three the business will have developed a respectable yearly net profit.



The objectives for Blue Water Yacht Management, Incorporated are:
1. To be viewed as the top yacht management company in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties.
2. Maintain a high gross profit margin.
3. Maintain a steadily growing net profit margin.
4. Expand to the West Coast of Florida after the third year of operation
Blue Water Yacht Management Incorporated is a yacht management company that offers a cost-effective and realistic option to fulltime crew aboard private yachts. A client has many options of maintenance, which is individually established for each boat and yacht. This is a very practical and suitable solution for a large percentage of yacht owners.
Blue Water Yacht Management, Incorporated vision is to be the best at providing excellent service to the private boat and yacht owner. Blue Water Yacht Management wants to stand out as the leading manager of boats and yachts. Blue Water Yacht Management will provide their clients with a professional maintenance schedule to guarantee the client’s boat or yacht operation and appearance is to the highest standards. Blue Water Yacht Management wants the client to be confident of the longevity and turn-key enjoyment of their investment with an absolute minimum of inconvenience.
The people of Blue Water Yacht Management value the company’s reputation, and are proud of the integrity, sincerity, and transparency the employees demonstrate every day. Blue Water Yacht Management is a growing company, always listening to the customers and each other and striving to establish the discipline, processes, and practices that offer the greatest reliability and quality of experience. Employees enjoy working with the clients, participating in their enthusiasm for their objectives and delivering them solid business value. The employees enjoy working together as a team, and helping each other and the company grow.

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