Essay on Brazil

. Throughout the world, the problem of unequal and irrational use of land is extremely sharp, and Brazil is one of the brightest examples where this issue is under alarmed attention of public. In 1985 the movement against this injustice, the MST started to initiate a kind of agrarian reform, as nearly 5 million of Brazilian families have no land. People, stimulated by their poverty and miseries, enthusiastically joined this social movement and are now waiting for the chance to work their piece of soil. These people mostly had no other choice, as they were living in cardboards (Crispim) or under trees (Luisa), they had to work hard to earn their living or even to feed their children. To go along and to get land was the best solution for them. As Wendy Wolford states, the settlers were also supported by strong rural communities who presented a familiar public forum for discussing dangerous issues.

2. Pedro, from March 26 Camp, that is in Para, admits that at first he did not believe the initiative and was sure that the movement was a kind of another fraud to bring poor people under delusion. “They’re hooligans!” he exclaimed.

But further, when he knew the Landless Movement representatives on his own, he understood that there was a true chance for change. His initial attitude is quite understood, because no one too care of this people, and all they received was persecution and cheating. Then Pedro changed his view, and he felt strength. It seems to me that the strongest thing here is hope and common spirit, uniting them all. And virtually the strength of their faith and spirit will help to win.

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