Essay on Child Abuse

The intended outcomes

The supervision and control over children’s health is likely to decrease the risk of child abuse because, on the one hand, parents are aware of the permanent control, while, on the other hand, health care professionals and social workers can intervene any time they notice child abuse. The early beginning of the supervision and control over children’s health is very important not only in terms of the prevention of various health problems but also in terms of the development of effective strategies of child abuse prevention. In fact, if health care professionals or social workers attend families with babies and children regularly, they prevent the risk of child abuse, while parents grow more conscious of their responsibility.

Educational program and assistance of health care professionals, educators and social workers along with family members and community members can facilitate the cognitive development of children and solve problems they may face in the course of their development because of the impaired brain development. For instance, problems with children’s language development may need the assistance of both educators and health care professionals, who can help them to tackle their language development problems. In such a way, the cooperation of health care professionals and educators can help children to accelerate their cognitive development and prevent problems, which they may have in the result of child abuse.

The in-time intervention of health care professionals can minimize the negative effects of child abuse in terms of their physical development and physical health. For instance, the in-time treatment of injuries can prevent the emergence of more serious, chronic health problems. In fact, the earlier intervention begins the better. Health care professionals can help children to cope with their health problems before they transform into chronic diseases or other serious physical or mental health conditions.

The monitoring of children’s health can help them to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle and to prevent the development of serious health problems. For instance, the proper nutrition can help to prevent the development of ulcers and other gastroenterological problems. In such a way, children will learn to cope with child abuse and related problems on their own. As they learn positive models of behavior, lead an active lifestyle and develop a positive worldview, they can easily cope with negative effects of child abuse or prevent it.

The psychological assistance and the treatment of mental health problems will help to prevent the development of such grave conditions as depression and other serious mental conditions. In this regard, health care professionals should be able to deliver counseling services to children. The involvement of psychologists in the treatment of children, who have suffered child abuse, is a must. The psychological assistance can ease the tension in social relations of children with other people and develop a positive worldview.

The supervision and regular monitoring of patients health conditions in adulthood can prevent the development of long-run negative effects of child abuse. In fact, the supervision of patients’ health in adulthood aims at the prevention of chronic diseases and serious psychological problems in patients. Patients may be unaware of their health problems, while health care professionals can help patients identify their problems fast and start their treatment.

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