Essay on Cold War

The web-site under consideration is entitled The Cold War Museum and can be accessed at the address: The domain of its URL is org that is indicative of its belonging to the non-profit charitable organization of the Cold War Museum of the United States. The web-site is dedicated to education, preservation, and research on the global, ideological, and political confrontations from the end of World War II to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It aims at developing permanent Cold War Museums to preserve local and regional Cold War history, erecting of Cold War Memorials and establishing a reference library and research center. As any scholarly web-site The Cold War Museum page is mainly text-based and is easy to read due to its clear structure and convenient subdivisions, such as About the Museum section, that tells the background of the museum, its resources and gallery. Another section deals with its exhibits and includes Cold War Stories and Photo Gallery as well. The pictures are relevant and clear. Another section is Trivia Game that is a quiz on the knowledge of the Cold War key facts. Another section is Media Room that is followed by Gift Store and Contact Information. The latter provides an email link, address and fax.

Each section of the web-site gives current information, the page having overall integrity and reliability. Founded in 1996 it provides a wide collection of links to books, scholarly articles and periodicals, museums and memorials, etc. The site provides primary as well as secondary sources and direct links to them, it gives interpretations of public figures in the Cold War era and key historical events concerning the period. Though there is nothing more subjective than objectivity, the data presented by the site seems objective and reliable, accurate and current. The page is regularly updated and supplements the information given in the textbook.

Having considered the page it becomes evident that the site is well-organized, designed and reliable as a source of information on the Cold War. It is directed toward general public, scholars, students and those concerned with historical issues, the Cold War in particular.

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