Essay on Electricity waste

Research Paper

Today, the electricity waste is one of the major problems many Universities face because this problem affects the financial performance of Universities and provokes the ongoing deterioration of the environment situation. In actuality, the average University campus consumption is high because the maintenance of the campus needs a lot of electricity. However, the problem is that the electricity is not always used efficiently. Instead, a part of electricity is just wasted because of the inefficient use in campus. Therefore, the question concerning the effectiveness of the consumption of electricity in the campus arises. In fact, the electricity waste in campus is a serious problem, which affects not only the spending of the University to cover electricity bills but also the local community and students

In fact, the electricity waste is accompanied by numerous problems and challenges the University has to overcome. First, the University has to increase spending on electricity, while the electricity is not used effectively. The more electricity the campus consumes the higher are electricity bills. At the same time, the electricity waste means that the electricity was consumed ineffectively. Therefore, neither the University nor students did not used electricity for their benefits but still the University has to pay for its electricity bills.

Hence, the electricity of waste is unacceptable in the time of scarce resources because they electricity waste leads to the high costs of electricity and low efficiency of electricity use. In actuality, electricity is mainly generated from fossil fuels which are scarce and costly. Naturally, the electricity waste leads to the consumption of fossil fuels for the generation of electricity and its further waste in the campus.

In such a situation, it is not only the campus and the University that suffer from the electricity waste but also the local community suffers from the high consumption of electricity that may have a negative impact on the environment. As fossil fuels are used mainly for the generation of electricity, then the electricity waste leads to the higher generation of electricity than is actually needed. Hence, the more fossil fuels have to be used for the generation of the electricity for campus, while the use of fossil fuels leads to the pollution of the environment and greenhouse gas emissions which provoke the climate change and the global warming.

In addition, students suffer from the high cost of tuition because, as a rule, the University has to cover its costs by means of raising costs of tuition for students. The high tuition cost is partially the result of the electricity waste because in the time of the economic recession, the University faces considerable problems with funding its projects and maintenance of its facilities. Therefore, it is students, who eventually cover the electricity costs and the electricity waste is naturally included in the overall electricity costs and, thus, in the tuition cost as well. Therefore, the reduction of the electricity waste is beneficial for all: the University, students and local community.

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