Buy essay on Finance department internship

I am applying for work at finance department for internship because for me enhancing knowledge is the main purpose of studying finance and I have no doubt that internship in finance department will provide me with what I need to achieve my goals. Without any doubts acquire an in-depth knowledge in a chosen field of finance is a necessity and I am convinced that internship in finance area will give me the best opportunity to get practical experience of work in this area.
As a fact, I am good with numbers, and keen on finance, especially such areas as strategic marketing management, securities, accounting, auditing and corporate law. I believe that internship in the finance department will give me better future prospects. I will be able to get knowledge that allows me in future to find highly-paid and prospective job where I can make a career.

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Moreover, I want to apply for the internship in finance department by the following reasons. Firstly, internship will give me an opportunity to have the practical experience in this area. Secondly, I strongly believe that internship will help me to understand the internal process of the company’s finance area. Thirdly, finance is my favorite field of activity and this internship is a chance to learn more about this subject.
I am confident that my dedication and passion for finance will lead me to reach my destination. I would like to be a professional in finance area – that is why this internship in the finance department is very important for me. Taking into account all mentioned above, I hope that the admissions committee finds my background and strengths commensurate with the requirements.

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