Buy essay on Government Should Spend More Money on Basic Needs of Society

The modern society cares a lot about the way our governments spend money. This issue is actual and topical in our modern world. As money is rather limited resource, governments have to distribute and use in it the most efficient and proficient way. One of the most debatable questions is investing on which part is the best solution. A lot of businessmen believe that spending money on technology helps country to develop and move forward even more competitively. At the same time sociologists feel otherwise. In my opinion, government should spend money on basic needs such as food, healthcare, shelter and education rather than on development of computer technology, as basic needs are naturally the basis of life necessity and it is sensible to invest on common interest. I am sure the main task of government is to spend funds on basic needs understanding that enhancing human basic needs promotes a sustainable development of society.
A lot of psychologists (including Maslow) believe that people normally are concerned about their basic needs before miscellaneous things like computer technology (Cherry, 2010). While basic needs are what people have to have, the computer is what they would like to have. For example, in the society in which poverty is still a great problem, people as a rule choose to have foods and healthcare rather than a brand new series of computer or innovation. The basic needs are a necessity of life and should be provided by essay
Furthermore, spending money on primary needs is a prerequisite investment for public uses. For example, if government focuses on developing technology, business part will get this benefit the most. Whereas, investing on health is beneficial to citizens broadly whether they are software developers or farmers. In the words, the better basic needs, the better country’s standard of living.
Lastly, when basic needs are fulfilled, people will have potential to develop and buy technology on their own. The obvious evidence is that most of developed countries which have the better education they have capability to develop better computer technology. For example, most inventions and technologies mainly come from the west coast of the United States.
We also should remember that our country is a developing country, the basic needs is the first thing for our government to consider and to pay more attention to. For example, what I have known is a great number of people in our country are still suffering starvation and do not have enough food to eat and clothes to wear. To this point, our government should spend more money on solving such basic problems but not just consider some modern technology. It is not practicable.
As Mr. Bill Clinton, the US former presidents, said in the speech for BBC conference, that even if we are very proud of the large growth in economy and technology in some last decades, please never forget there are still more than one billion people, in particularly women and children, living under one dollar per day(O’Connor, 2002). So spending the money on buying food and improving the living standard of the poor people is more important thing for government to think about.
From my personal experience I know that government should spend as much money as possible on are developing social infrastructure systems, like schools, hospitals, parks, buying public utilities, like transportations, and solving the pollution problems. It is absurdly and silly to have as enough computer technology as we want, but to live having low infrastructure standard and lack of the public utilities.
In conclusion, government should spend money on common needs rather than on developing technology as primary needs are closely related to the well-being of citizens in the country. Moreover, it is of worth for majority. The basic needs are always the most important things that governments should not only spend as much money as possible on, but also pay as much attention as possible in to solve them as soon as possible. Finally, common needs are the foundation of country’s development and growth.

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